God's Forever Family: The Jesus People Movement

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God’s Forever Family During a time of heavy drug use, rock-in-roll, alcohol abuse, homelessness, and negative attitudes towards the younger generation, a movement bloomed in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, based on love and evangelism. In Larry Eskridge’s book, God’s Forever Family: The Jesus People Movement, the evangelical movement’s historical origins and influential affects throughout American life are portrayed in a timeline manor. Eskridge paints the Jesus People Movement as a spiritual awakening for evangelism, formed in a culture oppressed with secular views, vital in understanding modern evangelistic Christian influences today. God’s Forever Family provides detailed origins and descriptions of influential groups, rise of coffeehouses,…show more content…
Feeling as if they did not fit into structured Christian churches, since most had been hippies themselves, they focused on a more intimate, loving relationship with each other and Jesus. The Jesus People groups fed, preached, and providing shelter to mostly homeless youth, recovering drug addicts, and hippies during this time. Eskridge stating that a famous member of the Jesus movement, Arthur Blessitt, preaching a “getting high on Jesus” message, relating to the end of an era focusing on drugs. (56) Eskridge also stresses the importance of the end times, to the Jesus Revolution, stating, “…for evangelicals there were…God’s Forever Family, a sign of possible national revival, and even a sign that the end of the age was at hand.”…show more content…
With hundreds of conversions happening amongst people through colleges, such as Campus Crusades for Christ’s “Explo ‘72,” coffeehouses, street evangelism, and conventions, a pressing desire for concerts with modern tunes developed. With music weighing heavily in the 1960’s secular culture, praise music started to take hold, as seen in the popular rise Jesus People festivals, coffeehouses, and churches. With some rock bands undergoing conversion, and others appealing more to the modern era, the formation of Jesus rock bands and praise music originates. With the growth of these bands, not only hippies were being impacted, but also young

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