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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is an American known mostly for her singing, songwriting, and acting. In 2007, Gaga’s career debuted when she started writing songs for other artists, but then dropped her own first single, “Just Dance” in 2008, which largely augmented her popularity. As Gaga kept growing slowly in fame, she came up with her popular stage name; Lady Gaga. There are many versions of how she got her legendary name, but the most known one comes from a song “Radio GaGa” which reminded Lady Gaga’s friend of her gifted voice. Once he called her “Gaga”, she got inspired to use it as her stage name for her singing career. To this day, she still uses it in preference to her real name and fans enjoy it as much as her incredible music.…show more content…
As evidence, in her second worldwide concert tour, the Monster Ball Tour, she tried to encourage her fans to help the homeless in all ways possible. In fact, Gaga gave out free VIP tickets to those who volunteered in homeless youth shelters, encouraging more and more fans to support the shelters. All of this support produced 30,000 hours of community service in the shelters, which greatly boosted the shelter by allowing them to help more and more people. She raised about $80,000 in proceeds to shelters so that they can keep growing, helping and saving others. Also, Lady Gaga joined Re*Generation, a homeless youth organization, partnered up with The National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH), another nonprofit organization focused on ending homelessness in the United States of America. As well, Lady Gaga visited Eva+’s Phoenix, a Toronto youth shelter. In the time she was at the shelter, Gaga hung out with the children and took pictures with them. For the children, it was as if a special concert had been set up, making them feel special as she signed autographs. Gaga desires homelessness to end and does her best to accomplish this…show more content…
Founded in 2011, BTWF established a goal to create a bolder and more caring world for youth in as many ways possible. For instance, Lady Gaga is working to stop all bullying in schools and to empower all victims of bullying. She wanted her foundation to focus on stopping bullying because of an incident that happened at Williamsville North High School, where a 14-year-old named Jamey Rodemeyer had to end his life because he got bullied for being gay. For this reason, Lady Gaga talked to the former president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama. Then, she got inspired to help others like Jamey Rodemeyer with her own foundation. As a result of this, the two Germanotta's are diligently working on ending this harshness by raising awareness and collaborating with anti-bullying organizations such as Bullying Research Network. But that’s not all BTWF does. On December 3rd, 2017, Lady Gaga and her mother went from their hometown, New York, to Texas, where they helped Hurricane Harvey victims fix their homes. They worked with the organization Team Rubicon and helped Pamela, a citizen of Texas, whose house was damaged by Hurricane Harvey and needed immediate help for repairment. Gaga ripped out broken flooring and replaced them to improve Pamela’s home. Gaga and her foundation will look forward to helping more people like Pamela by visiting an assortment of places in

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