Persuasive Speech On Homelessness

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Who among us has not walked down a city street and looked into the sad and soulful eyes of someone less fortunate? Perhaps you walked right past, picking up the pace as you divert your gaze out of guilt, yet taking comfort in knowing you won't be going hungry and would lay your head on a pillow that very night. Maybe you took a second to throw them some spare change, only to find yourself wishing you could do more (or wondering if they were going to the nearest liquor store as soon as they had enough in hand for their favorite bottle). Cliches and judgments aside, homelessness is a problem of epic proportions. It is impossible to gauge the depth of the problem, however according to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, there were almost…show more content…
However, YOU - yes YOU - can help! Check out the following inspirational ways to combat homelessness in your hometown (I'm not talking soup kitchen duty here, either)... 1 - Turn plastic bags into sleeping mats Did you know that you could use those pesky plastic bags that seem to multiply like wild rabbits to help the homeless live a better life? You can, and Wayne Abadie can show you how. What started out as a mother's failed attempt to teach crocheting, an abundance of plastic bags and a bible group needing an idea, blossomed into something beautiful for both homeless people and the health of the earth alike. Here is how it happened: Wayne Abadie uses approximately 1000 plastic bags for every mat. The process is easy; you just need to do this...about 1000 times. Not feeling that committed? Try bringing it up to your church group, reading club or school. You never know what kind of movement you could start. Don't stop there; here are nine more ways you can build up your good karma points and help your fellow…show more content…
Score! 3 - Embrace your inner child Adults are not the only ones without shelter. It is estimated that there are 1.6 million homeless children in America, a 38 percent increase since 2007. Every day children go without a roof over their heads or food in their bellies. They cannot enjoy the activities many kids take for granted and are at a much higher risk of developmental, emotional and psychological setbacks. Organization's like the Homeless Children's Playtime Project work to ensure that children are not left behind with the help of their surrounding community. For children, your time can go a long way. Show them you care and they are not forgotten by reading to them or tutoring them, taking them on outings, or simply sitting down and playing with or talking to them. 4 - Show off your artistic side If you are even slightly artistic, you can help raise awareness about homelessness in your community by sprucing up signs, just as artists Christopher Hope and Kenji Nakayama did in Boston. Their project, Signs for the Homeless, was started in 2010. They simply go up to people and offer them $10 in exchange for being able to re-create their signs in a colorful way. The before and after pictures on their blog help to further awareness on a larger

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