Stolen Generation

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Preliminary statement I chose to write a formal piece in the stolen generation/stolen children in Australian history and how this can relate to the puppies being taken in Animal Farm. The piece is directed towards those who have read animal farm to understand the relationship between the event in history and the event in the novella. The purpose of this piece was to link the concepts of the stolen generation to the concept of the puppies being taken in Animal Farm. Both the indigenous children and the puppies were taken by the hierarchy of the area, Australian state government and Napolean and were manipulated or attempted to be manipulated, into a new society. Had the puppies not been taken or the children not been stolen, they may have…show more content…
These children, some who were only days old, were taken from their families with the reassurance that they would be returned. Some were taken when out of parents sight or from their homes in parents absence. Some taken while walking to school and others even taken from their classrooms. However they were told when in the institutions that they were orphans or that their parents had died or abandoned them. After being taken they were put into foster care or raised by missions, being completely cut of from their aboriginal heritage. Living conditions in the institutions were highly controlled, with children being frequently punished. Most went cold and hungry and received very minimal if not no affection. They were given very limited education and endured long work hours. Their only identification being a number on their clothing. Boys and girls were kept separate, with the girls becoming things such as domestic housewives or servants and boys being trained to be farmers or workers in low paying…show more content…
"As soon as they were weaned, Napoleon took them away from their mothers, saying that he would make himself responsible for their education". From there, he took them to a room that could only be reached by the pigs to ensure that they were fully isolated and out of contact with the other animals. "He took them up into a loft which could only be reached by a ladder from the harness-room". He kept them there, in completely confined, so much so that the rest of the farm soon forgot about them. It can only be imagined what happened to the puppies whilst they were in isolation, but Napoleon is a character who is know for being cruel at times and someone who loves to get his own way. When the puppies emerge from the harness room, they are fully immersed into the culture and ways of

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