Essay On Stolen Generation

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A generation lost in history During the 19th century, thousands of indigenous kids were stolen from their families due to government policies. This horrifying incident has later been called for the stolen generation. It was a horrendous act on mankind if you ask me. Why did they do such? I believe it was to eradicate the different cultures and races which were existing in the land, so Australia could have one race, one language, one culture and one belief. This is my reflection and thoughts on Australia’s stolen generation! The man who has been mostly pointed at for this incident is Auber Octavius Neville, who was one the many characters in the spotlight in the movie “Rabbit-Proof Fence”. Neville (the devil) was the chief protector for the aborigines. The government's idea was to take the aborigines children (“Half-Castes”, children who were believed to have European ancestry) from their families (this usually involved a lot of violence and the use of force). The families went…show more content…
I mean seriously, that is not a question to debate over, but why do some Australians do that? Because they deny the idea of a stolen generation, and they mean that it was the right thing to do. What the Germans did to the Jews was a genocide, but what the Australians did was nothing less than a genocide either. By exterminating a person’s culture, color, belief, and mother tongue you have killed a person’s identity, or more precisely you have killed the original person according to me and many others I believe. Even in today’s era, Australians have mixed opinions on this topic. I believe there are two reasons to why the Australians deny the stolen generation, the first probably being that they are ashamed of their history, and the second that they were with the government as I repeat again. If people respected others and knew the value of a human being, they would understand that what they did was
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