The Stolen Generation Research Paper

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‘A history of failings’ towards the treatment and acceptance of Indigenous people within Australia id displayed throughout history. The policies and practices which have been enforced by the government towards the Indigenous Australians throughout the 19th and 20th century in regards to the segregation, protection and the stolen generation are to be explored and discussed in this essay. Body: The policies and practices involved with protection, segregation and the Stolen generations have had a major impact on many Indigenous Australians lives, being major contributors to the damaging past issues and the issues which are still faced today. These practices and policies have affected not only the Aboriginal people individually but also their families,…show more content…
This was due to past government policies and missionary practices which were often encouraged by the Aborigines protection board. The Aborigines protection board was established in 1883 and the Aborigines Protection Act was introduced in 1909 (reference). The missionaries practiced Christianity, training the girls in domestic service and the boys for low status labouring jobs. Once the children were older enough to work they would be sent to “white” families to fulfil their roles. Many of these children were never paid however if they were often the Aborigines protection board kept the children’s money in ‘trust.’…show more content…
Aboriginal education policy and practices have changed vastly over the years, from exclusion and segregation to greater cultural inclusiveness. (Western Australian Aboriginal health survey, n.d). The exclusion and denial that the Aboriginal people suffered towards their land, language, culture, employment and education in the past, has impacted heavily on Indigenous people and the communities both in the past and still to today, resulting in the disadvantages which the Indigenous people undergo (Western Australian Aboriginal health survey, n.d). Factors which affect the education of Aboriginal people include the minimal use or knowledge of Standard Australian English and the wide spread of the Indigenous population (Western Australian Aboriginal health survey, n.d). Although there was a number of different policies throughout Australia with each state differing, there was a common reoccurrence of excluding Aboriginal children from education or to only receive minimal schooling. It wasn’t until 1990 when the National Aboriginal and Torre Strait Islander Education was put in place and is still used today (Western Australia Aboriginal health survey, n.d). To encourage and improve the education of Indigenous people, there have been a number of incentives put in place including scholarships, grants and specialised subjects and topics to appeal to Indigenous people (Australian

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