Stolen Generation In Australia

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majority of Indigenous people suffered life long negative consequences. For example in todays society, those who are members of the Stolen Generations are more likely to suffer from depression, or have a shorter life span than other Indigenous people.(Reconciliation Network, 2007) Another impact is a lot of people say that they don’t know who they are, as they were disconnected from their land, language and family. A key historical event, which has impacted positively on a vast majority of Indigenous people that have any involvement with the Stolen Generation, is the National Apology speech that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd did in 2008. Even though this apology cannot change anything that happened in the past, and all the impacts of colonisation and policies…show more content…
This apology has attempted to help in the reconciliation between Indigenous people and the Government at the time. In addition to this event is the Going Home Conference in Darwin 1994. It consisted of over 600 people removed as children, from every state and territory, met together to share their experiences, and expose their history of what happened as children. During the colonisation of Australia, policies such as protection and segregation were imposed on Indigenous people. The government at the time saw Indigenous Australians as a ‘dying race’. This led to policies to such as ‘Protection’. The legislation was introduced with the aim of saving Indigenous Australians from becoming extinct, and to help protect the native land of the Aboriginal people. This was aimed to eradicate the social, cultural and physical characteristics of Aboriginal people. This legislation was practiced in ways by moving

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