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Introduction: Australians? Are we all sun kissed, beach-bound people that like having barbecues and watching sport? If we go down under the surface, we can see what Australians are really like. Australia is a country that prides itself on being described as a diverse, multicultural, and unique country. The breathtaking geography, flora and fauna, and our cultural history are different to anywhere else and has come to the attention of the rest of the world. Throughout Australia’s seemingly short history Australians have already shown a strong sense of nationalism. Their identity. The words independence, mateship, courage, and larrikin define their identity. How, in such a short space of time, did these convict and free settlers develop such…show more content…
The Gold Rush era in Australia highlighted the true feelings about authorities and how they conducted themselves. Bushrangers where runaway convicts and were the ones who challenged authority and lived a life of crime. A famous example is Ned Kelly, who fought for those who were being subjected to violence by the very violent police force of the time, and he did it the only way he knew how, with violence. Ned Kelly was a man of great courage, and wasn’t afraid to make a stand and take risks for what he believed was right. This attitude is still present in Australian society as is represented in ‘The Castle’. The Kerrigan family is a typical Australian family, living right next to an airport which wasn’t a problem until they wanted to expand onto their beloved ‘Castle’. Daryl’s initial reaction was along the lines of “fuck the airport” but then considered his situation and said “our bloody government's trying to take my house… and they think they can just walk in”. As a traditional Australian family this attitude towards authority is an attitude that the majority of Australians pride themselves in, and can proudly say that it’s a part of what makes them…show more content…
Through this we can justify why another important aspect of identity that appears to be considered a characteristic of a true Australian is that of mateship. For instance Australians, in spite of there being danger, they will undoubtedly offer help. This selfless attitude piles up when we look at Australia’s history. Our brave soldiers during the war, the Queensland floods, the Black Saturday bushfires and the many stories of heroism and sacrifice from ordinary Australians who showed what they are capable of. As it may be the ‘The Castle’ has shown that mateship is to help others in need but has also associated mateship with having a sense of humour and having someone to have a laugh with. This is seen when Daryl Kerrigan was in a time of need and he talked to Lawrence Hammill, a retired constitutional lawyer who willingly offered to represent Daryl and challenge the ruling in the High Court. Mateship in Australian culture is something that Australians believe what identifies them, and ties them together and is a quality that is

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