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Who were the stolen generation The Stolen Generations was a tragic event which occurred in the late1800s to the 1970s describes the many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who were involuntary removed from their families as children by past Australian Federal, State and Territory government agencies, and church missions. The removals of children were carried out under acts of their respective parliaments, these children who were removed were then sent to either a institution or were adopted by a non-Indigenous families. These Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders children who were taken from their native land were not permitted to ever visit their families or home land, this resulted in the permanent separation between families,…show more content…
That in the end they messed up the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people more than what they thought they would turn out if they didn't take them away form their native culture. The reality of this tragic event is that it continues to haunted and effected communities and people today. From the children now grow up with their scars they are remembered of everyday. To the last and culture, traditions their heritage not knowing where they came from. Pervious information that is lost forever, for as by the time the stolen children were free and figured out who they were their communities had died off and the next generation ceased the exist as they are the stolen generation. Unfortunately the consequences and scars continue from ongoing crisis in indigenous health based on the neglect in their…show more content…
They knew children were vulnerable to sexual abuse and exploitation. They knew as one in ten girls told them how they were being sexually abuse in the workplace which was organised by the protection board and institutions so how could they turn too. These and many other exploitation were known and condemned but were not prevented. Even in 1940 when the New South Wales board record these events the chief protectors, protection and welfare boards and state welfare officers frequently to protect their charges from abuse in all placement they had

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