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Keaton Cruzcosa Life of Pi summer reading Question 1: The idea that Man is the most dangerous animal is revealed to the visitors at Pondicherry Zoo when they pull back the curtain that promises to show them the most dangerous animal only to find a mirror. The idea that man is the most dangerous animal is crucial to the theme; when faced with the need to survive man can be unpredictably savage. Pi’s second story displays the savage part of man well. For example when the cook convinced Pi and his mother that “[the sailor] would survive only if his leg were amputated” only to later say that “the whole point” of cutting it off was to use it as fishing bait (305). This shows the cooks extreme selfishness even to the extent of another’s pain. When Pi’s mother questions the cook to clarify why he cut the sailor’s leg off he is described as “a cornered beast” while answering her questions (306). This simile reveals man’s animal-like characteristics through further comparison to animals. Question 2:…show more content…
Pi’s discovery of God, the testing of his faith at sea, and his two stories, all develop a motif of faith throughout the novel. The motif of faith is displayed through Pi’s overcoming of despair through reminders of God. Pi describes his despair as “a heavy blackness that [lets] no light in or out” (209). The light symbolizes Pi’s connection with God, which is severed by the heavy blackness that is despair. In fact, Pi later even describes god as “a shining point of light in my heart”, which further compares god to light (209). Smalls signs that god was watching out for Pi such as “a school of fish [appearing] around [his] net” allowed him to overcome his despair. This shows Pi’s strong faith and develops the motif of

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