Stereotypes In Glee

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S1:E1-Glee Analyst The first episode of Glee introduces an extremely diverse cast of characters each with different race, gender, culture and style in a high school setting, although along with all those different types of characters the show displays many stereotypes associated with each of them. These stereotypes include but are not limited to people with disabilities being less valuable and men having to be tough, but Glee does a good job of challenging these stereotypes after they are shown in the episode. When you think of an Asian high school girl terms such as outgoing and edgy don’t come to mind, but words such as shy, nerdy and quite are some that people do recall. In Glee the first main Asian girl introduced, Tina Cohen-Chang is in fact outgoing and able to express herself as she signs up for the glee club “New Directions”, and she sings in front of others not afraid of what they think about her. This is a good away to challenged stereotypes about Asian woman because it shows that they can be outgoing, and works against the typecasting of Asian woman by the other media outlets.…show more content…
This is shown in the first episode of glee when, Will Schuester the new director of the glee club ask for money from Figgins the principle and the principle refuses and says “you have only five kids and one of them is a cripple”. When he says this he is referring to Artie Abrams, a member of the “New Directions” who is in a wheelchair, although like before the show challenges this idea as he is able to provide and prove his worth as a great guitar player, inspiring the glee club. Showing that Artie is useful and can carry his own weight goes against the stereotypes in place for disabled people and shows they can do what they
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