Short Story Literary Response

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Uyen Tran Tran 1 Mrs. Donahue English 07 11 November 2015 Short Story Literary Response Journal Analyze a major character’s conflict, or words and action, or motivation. In the story “Do You Want My Opinion” by M.E. Kerr the major conflict for John is that he can’t express himself the way he wants to. In his society it is wrong to have your own ideas and thoughts, “Stick to lovemaking” his dad says, “Don’t discuss ideas” they value intimacy more than being your own person. Throughout the story we can see that it’s bad to discuss ideas, when in Mr. Porter’s classroom John’s classmate Lauren raises her hand, “In my opinion,” Lauren says, “but Mr. Porter had to get her under control… he just pressed his mouth against hers until she was quiet.” In conclusion that was John’s conflict throughout the story. Transform the plot, or a character, or a theme of a story into a found poem. “The Flowers” By Alice Walker. Theme is innocence. The days had never been as beautiful. Skipping lightly carrying a short, knobby stick working out the Beat of a song on the fence. Today she made her…show more content…
She sees her granddaughter and wants to raise her in a certain way because, “In China, people say mixed children are supposed to be smart…” she has this idea in her head on how Sophie should be raised and won’t listen to her daughter. A problem Sophie had was she kept taking off her clothes, the grandmother says “You spank her, she’ll stop” the daughter and her husband John disagrees, saying “In American, parents not supposed to spank the child.” To “use your words” instead, but the grandmother doesn’t listen and spanks Sophie anyway. Later on the grandmother beats Sophie with a stick the daughter finds out and yells at her. Then, the grandmother moves in with Bess, who considers her an “honorary Irish” The grandmother accepts this and I think she demonstrates a new understanding with her daughter that didn’t see at
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