Controversial Themes In The New Normal

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Controversial Themes in The New Normal The notion of a traditional, all-American family has always been a cornerstone of American culture. From Father Knows Best to The Brady Bunch, all-American families have always been depicted in the media as working class heterosexual couples with several obedient and loving children. While this traditional family ideal is still evident in media culture today, television shows in the 21st century have begun to redefine this stereotype. With the legalization of same-sex marriage and trending topics regarding fertility issues like surrogacy and in vitro fertilization, the image of an all-American family unit is changing rapidly. These transitions are clear in NBC's groundbreaking show The New Normal, a sitcom…show more content…
After being in a committed relationship for years, Bryan and David ponder how they can begin a family together; their discussion of fertility issues depicts a very real issue that many LGBT couples struggle with today. Although they consider adoption, in the end Bryan and David want to experience the joys of child rearing from the very beginning, and ultimately decide to go the route of surrogacy. Given that they cannot naturally have children, surrogacy is a great alternative as it allows Bryan and David to not only have a child that is related one of them, but also to take part in the pregnancy and birth of their child through the means of a surrogate. The New Normal also discusses the benefits reaped by the surrogate, suggesting how this is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Goldie, Bryan and David’s surrogate, chooses to bear their child so that she can use the money she will earn to go to law school and provide a better future for her biological daughter. She forms a close bond with the couple and they even tell her, “we want to help make your dreams come true because you’re helping us with ours” (Pilot). Their close relationship gives an ethical representation of surrogacy, as it sheds a positive light on this act for both soon-to-be parents and surrogate. Many media outlets that discuss surrogacy fail to focus on the impact this act has on the surrogate, or choose to only focus on the negative aspects of carrying another couples child. The New Normal however, emphasizes the benefits associated with surrogacy, in turn destigmatizing the discussion of fertility issues for all couples looking to begin a family in alternative
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