The Media's Negative Effects On Black Society

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Black society have very little, if any, control in what the media produces or displays on a daily basis. It is logical to conclude that whoever controls the media, controls the mind. Television is a common form of media . Even though most of the programs we watch have been carefully crafted to target the black household and community, black individuals do not create these programs. Media has an extremely detrimental effect on the black society. There are currently no Black owned television networks; which means no one to compete with the big named companies who rack in millions of dollars. The question is then, who is in control of the media and as a result the minds of the black community? Television network companies are almost completely…show more content…
They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”(ADD CITATION). Everything that is heard and everything that is seen in the media has a negative or positive impact on us and how we live. It impacts what the products we purchase, how we behave, how we dress and our perception of others. Media is not only making money from black communities but also impacts everything one chooses to see, hear and consume. When you view the top television networks such as CNN, Fox or ABC, none of them promote the positive activities that are taking place within the black community. Those networks do not promote black businesses and clearly do not promote a positive image of the community. To the contrary, it seems as if the media has placed emphasis on criminalizing and dehumanizing the black community. As a result, the media paints a negative image of individuals within the black community. Frequent and repetitive exposure of these subtle and sometimes blatant forms of racism desensitizes us and as a result makes us less responsive to these stereotypes. An example this is an interview of a four-year-old boy who was misquoted by the reporter. The reporter labeled as a future thug on the streets of the black community streets. The following is an edited version of the…show more content…
The black community should create and invest in its own businesses. Black business people should join their resources and create a network of companies that cater to the specific needs of the black community. If blacks were to own a network of black companies that are supported by the black community, then the dollar would circulate for a longer period of time within these communities. A black- owned television network of stations would more likely celebrate the positive aspects of their community by emphasizing their positive qualities and achievements. These television and radio station could also help the black community by promoting education, and the importance of completing the various levels of academic

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