Should Students Be Allowed To Have School Lunches

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At most schools lunch time is a time of social and chill time. Now that school lunches are healthier they are also less desirable by students. Also some schools lunch is not what the students want because of this students should be able to leave campus to go get lunch. Schools think that students are not responsible when we actually are very independent. Allowing students to leave school for lunch it makes the cafeteria less crowded, school doesn't have to spend as much money on food, and students can have food option they like. The debate on weather students should be allowed to leave the school at lunchtime has been in going for years. Students want the freedom and they think they deserve the privilege. On the other hand administrators think that if you give the students too much freedom they will abuse it. Most students agree that it should be allowed if you have transportation and parental consent. Schools think it would…show more content…
Schools also think that is a liability issue and if a student get hurt while on lunch break, they will be liable since the school is allowing them to leave and return. Leaving school for lunch could also be costing the school a lot of money. Since the school wouldn’t know how much food they need to buy, they will end up buying too much and wasting money. The school could also buy too little and not have enough food for the students. Students on the other hand see lunch time as a time to take a break from classes since. Students are often tired from the long class periods, lunch should be a free time. Students should not be confined to small spaces. The lunchroom is very loud and tends to disturb other class on the same floor. With less students the lunchroom will be quieter and students that are in class won’t be disturbed. Finally the number of cafeteria confrontations would decrease since there would be less

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