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I chose an article from the article about Lauren Potter. She is a 22-year-old girl with Down syndrome, who stars on FOX’s hit show GLEE. This specific article is about the eighteenth episode in season four, titled Shooting Star, which was aired shortly after the Newtown shootings in Connecticut. In this episode, Lauren Potter’s character Becky Jackson brings a gun in to school. The school goes into lock down and after they are released the GLEE club members learn that is was Becky who brought the gun. In this article Lauren’s mother speaks up about how she feels about her daughter getting this part in the show. A lot of controversy surrounded this episode, because of the Newtown shootings to the point that many people told fans not to watch the episode. Another controversial aspect of the episode is why the producers chose the girl with Down syndrome to be the shooter. Lauren’s mother says, “The main point I take away from this is, 'Wow. What a great actress that she can do this dramatic role just like any other actor out there.' And it kind of opens the door I think for more roles for people with intellectual disabilities” (as quoted in Etkin, 2013).…show more content…
Her mother is very proud of her daughter’s career although in some of her statements I feel like she is truly surprised that her daughter could handle such a difficult role while having Down syndrome. I think that the author of this article made Lauren’s profile very accurate, because she is a normal young girl and she is capable of doing things that typically developed adults can. I think the audience of the television show is worried about what stereotypes might come up after the episode is aired, though. They don’t want people to think that it is always the one with the intellectual disability causing violence or for others to think badly about the Down syndrome

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