Stem Cell Research Benefits

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Stem Cell research is the study of using human embryo stem cells to possibly help cure an enormous range pf diseases that plague millions of people worldwide. Some of these include Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, arthritis and even cancer. Their potential to help people is limitless, as stem cells consist of self renewal properties, are unspecialised and the ability to adapt to it's surroundings. Many organizations suggest that stem cell research is a major benefit, could save the lives of millions, and be the best thing that ever happened to the medical community. One other group of people rebuts that stem cell research is immoral, destructive and is no better than abortion. You are basically using the stem cells, then discarding the embryo; disregarding the fact that it is an actual potential human life. The power in this situation is mainly held by the government and wealthy universities/research teams. The research is being funded mainly by the government, and carried out by major universities. These people often have no regard for the embryo. The reason these people have the power is because the government has resources (money) to provide to execute the research, and universities have the knowledge to finalize it. Also,…show more content…
Consequently, this research is reliant on the government's support of it. In the United States, Barack Obama recently lifted the ban on American stem cell research that was put in place by George W. Bush. In a recent polling review, 52% of Americans believe that Stem Cell research should not be banned. Whereas 70% of Democrats suggest that funding for said research should be continued. Not much can be done to settle this situation, as without it, many lives could be put in danger. This evaluation suggests that if the political parties continue to focus primarily on medical research funding, the study of stem cells will carry on

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