The Pros And Cons Of Cloning

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There has been an ongoing debate for decades whether or not cloning is in any sort even ethical. A clone is a organism, a group of organisms, or cells descended from a single ancestor and having genetic material (DNA) identical to the ancestor’s genetic material. There is no sexual reproduction involved in cloning. Even in this new world of technology, there have been many faults with the experiments with cloning. Although, many other people think that cloning may help with things, such as plant growth, reviving endangered or even extinct species, etc, many other people believe that all of this is unethical, including me. Many scientists have been trying to perfect the method of cloning for decades, maybe even centuries. For example, Dolly…show more content…
They believe cloning is more beneficial than detrimental. They believe this because cloning can help find out about many genes that cause diseases. Cloning is also used for gene therapy. Gene therapy is where cloning is used to cure disease. Lastly, people believe the power of cloning is unbelievable. The power of cloning opens up the possibility of cloning stem cells from a patient’s body. These cells could be very helpful in the future. Such cells could treat many diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and Alzheimer's disease. In their eyes, cloning have many benefits. However, there are also many disadvantages. Even though many people are for cloning, many other people are against it. One reason is because the costs. With all of the research and equipment needed, it is extremely costly. They believe that it is a waste of money and think that the money should go towards something more important. Another reason is because of the alarming failure rates. The processes done to clone animals have been highly insufficient. Lastly, the reintroduction of old bacteria. With many scientists thinking about cloning extinct species, the thought of “ what genes are these animals made up of,” come

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