Inception Making Fisher Essay

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Successful narratives move audiences.With character, plot, and theme meaningfully complimenting each other, viewers can find themselves a greater understanding of their world. Inception’s narrative structure is a very complicated one. As we go further into the dream worlds, dreams within dreams, we start losing sight of where exactly we are in the story. The actual act of inception, making Fisher believe in a planted idea, is the whole theme of the film, really. The narrative guides us along, telling us what to see and what to believe and what to feel while simultaneously making the viewers believe that we are coming up with our own conclusions. The first half of the movie is Cobb and his team figuring out how to manipulate Fischer’s emotions,…show more content…
People come back to films over and over again because of meaning, and Inception shows us how having a greater perception if our own lives can help us move forward. Inception takes on both an objective and subjective POV. With the objective POV, we see Fischer’s perception of his place in his father’s life bring the mission to an end. Saito’s awareness, “half-remembered dream” plays with the objective POV as well. With a subjective POV, we see Cobb’s struggle in realizing that the projection of his wife is nothing like her in real life. This emotional realization saves him from guilt, and helps him move on, in same way that Fischer’s decision saves everyone from the story’s main problems. Because of this self-awareness, we have the ending we have. Cobb can walk away from the totem, spinning endlessly without waiting to see if it falls. He returns to his kids, not caring whether or not they are real. His self-awareness allowed him to find peace after so long of living in a mental limbo. The film combines objective and subjective to show us more than we can see in every day life, and that in itself is what people strive for when watching a film. It’s impossible for us to see an objective view of ourselves. Stories can, and Inception is a perfect example of giving viewers what we can’t achieve by

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