Argumentative Essay On Human Cloning

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Stem cells are similar mother cells that can multiply or repair damaged or worn out tissues and have the ability to develop into different cells with specialised functions. One main source of stem cells which will be further explored is embryonic stem cells. Embryonic stem cells are developed from the inner mass cell of a blastocyst. A blastocyst is single zygote cells massed together. Embryonic stem cells are distinguished by their potential to grow into different types of cells or tissues and replicate themselves endlessly. Additionally, embryonic stem cells are derived from 4-5 days human embryo post fertilisation blastocyst at which they consist of the 50 of 150 cells. In most cases these human embryos are extras that have been made in…show more content…
However, cloning helps human families that are challenged with the reproduction of children to actually gain children and the animal world has its own benefits as well. Parents that can’t reproduce children because of having no eggs and lacking sperm can create children that are genetically complementary. Homosexual couples can have children without asking for sperm and egg donors; although a surrogate would be needed for the men to carry the clone baby until birth. Parents that have lost a child can have that child returned to them with a clone. But then the characteristics and traits of the lost child would be different resulting in a change in nature. Lastly, clones of endangered animals could be created to save their species. However, I believe that everything happens for a reason so recreating species that are extinct for research and to understand the events that are in an organism simply destroys the way nature functions and how destiny is supposed to be. Although I believe that it would bring joy to myself to see people who are eager to have children of their own but can’t because of genetic factors or physical damages have hope, to keep holding on that they will one day have

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