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A Comprehensive Survey on Fuzzy Logic Patil Pallavi D. Prof Patel J. J Department of Computer Engineering , Department of Computer Engineering ZES’s Dnyanganga college Of Engineering. & Research ZES’s Dnyanganga college Of Engineering . & Research Narhe, Pune India Narhe, Pune India sampal.patilbabar@gmail.com Abstract— Fuzzy Logic has been extremely vital role in the field of computer science, Artificial…show more content…
Webster’s dictionary defines “fuzzy” as: not clear, distinct, or precise; blurred. In broad sense, fuzzy logic refers fuzzy sets which are sets with blurred boundaries. [3]. Fuzzy logic was initiated in 1965 [1] , [2] , [3] by Lotfi A. Zadeh , professor for computer science at the university of California in Berkeley and it becomes a mathematical tool for dealing with uncertainty . Basically Fuzzy logic is a form of many-valued logic; it deals with reasoning that is approximate rather than fixed and exact . Compared to traditional binary sets (where variables may take on true or false values), fuzzy logic variables may have a truth value that ranges in degree between 0 and 1. Fuzzy logic is a way to make use of natural language in logic. Expert systems, fuzzy controllers, pattern recognition, databases and information retrieval, decision making are the applications of fuzzy…show more content…
Fuzzy logic deals with degree of membership and degree of truth. Membership functions for fuzzy sets can be defined in any number of ways as long as they follow the rules of the definition of a fuzzy set. The Shape of the membership function used defines the fuzzy set and so the decision on which type to use is dependent on the purpose. There are many different types of membership functions used in fuzzy logic. Most used once are triangle, Gaussian and trapezoid membership functions. LINGUISTIC VARIABLES: A fuzzy set can be used to describe the value of variable. A linguistic variable is a fuzzy variable .A linguistic variable is “a variable whose values are words or sentence in natural or artificial language”. Linguistic variables are used to represent qualities spanning a particular spectrum. Each linguistic variable may be assigned one or more linguistic values. For example: The statement Jeba is Tall - implies that Jeba is linguistic variable take the linguistic value

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