Grendel Vs Beowulf Essay

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Time is inevitable and with time, comes change. You can think of change as an evolution, the changing of something very slowly, usually from a simple to a more complex form. Time shows that the Anglo ­Saxon culture were not as complex in literature and it has slowly evolved to today’s culture full of plot twists and anti­heroes that would confuse their simple minds. The Anglo ­Saxon and today’s modern culture differ in a multitude of ways such as in the original Beowulf epic, most characters do not develop throughout the story while in the modern movie interpretation, Beowulf and Grendel (Gunnarsson, 2005), the characters change through experiences that give characters new insight. Characters such as Beowulf, Hrothgar, and Grendel are much different in the modern story than they were when the original story was written in 1000 C.E. The characters have certain reasons for the actions they do throughout the movie…show more content…
In the opening scene, a troll is being chased by a group of men riding horses and in the troll's arms is his child, a little troll boy. One of the horsemen kills the father and he sees the child hiding from them and he spares the child. That child was Grendel and the person who killed Grendel's father was Hrothgar. The murder of his father gave Grendel a reason to become evil, to kill Hrothgar and his men as revenge for the murder of his father. Hrothgar knew when he saw Grendel that he killed his father and that he was the cause of Grendel to terrorize Heorot. He decided to keep a secret because he was convinced it was better that way but he eventually tells Beowulf and Hrothgar is not as respectable to Beowulf as he once was. This is a reminder that with time, expectations change so instead of Hrothgar being a non-plot inducing king and father figure to Beowulf, he is the legitimate cause of events giving Hrothgar a much bigger role in the modern day

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