We Have Always Lived In The Castle Character Analysis

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Every person has two sides to them; a favorable side and a not so favorable side. Nobody’s perfect but in certain situations the true colors of people are shown. Family has a huge part in how people act or react when they’re put in different positions. Throughout We Have Always Lived In The Castle by Shirley Jackson, it is shown that family can bring out the best in you, support you through hard situations, or bring out the worst in you. Even though it may not show easily or clearly, there is always good in a person; occasionally, it takes the relationship between family members to bring it out. Obviously, Uncle Julian’s illness does not benefit himself but it exposes the best side of Constance. According to Merricat, “Constance always took…show more content…
Unquestionably, Cousin Charles is the biggest to blame for this in the Blackwood home. Merricat does odd things and doesn’t act her age throughout the book, however, we don’t truly see her cause trouble until Charles shows up. Merricat was so sick of Charles’ company that she “... brushed the saucer and the pipe off the table into the wastebasket and they fell softly onto the newspapers he had brought into the house” (116), undeterred by the consequences. She sacrificed her entire home and everything inside of it, only to get rid of Charles; this shows Charles brought out Merricat’s wicked side. Strangely enough, we witness a malevolent side belonging to Constance; unsurprisingly, the presence of Cousin Charles is the cause of this exposure. Constance was never violent or cruel until the end of the book when she says, “ The least Charles could have done was shoot himself through the head in the driveway” (213). Assuredly, that no matter who you are, family can be the trigger that sets you off. At certain points in time, family can be too much. They are capable of bringing out the evil in relatives that didn’t seem prevalent

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