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Cosmetology: Explained Cosmetology is one of the oldest occupations in history because it is basic human instinct to want to be neatly groomed, whether it is the hair, skin, or nails. In today’s time the most popular aspect of cosmetology is hair styling. Hair styling allows the stylist to express creativity while making the client happy. In order to become a hairstylist, there are educational requirements that must be met. To apply for a cosmetology program, completion of high school with a diploma or a GED program is required. It is highly recommended that students take courses such as chemistry, psychology, business, and speech while in high school; even though some cosmetology schools offer these classes, taking these classes in high school…show more content…
The most important habit an aspiring hairstylist must always practice is being punctual. This is because the hairstylist is working around the client’s time and not the other way around. According to Barbers and Cosmetologists, “A cosmetologist must be pleasant and friendly, but able to maintain a professional demeanor at all times.” This job requires patience as with any other job dealing with people. The client base of a hairstylist consists of many different personalities. No two clients are ever the same. Being a team player can come into play depending on the type of salon the stylist works in or owns. Some salons may have only one or two other hairstylists, other than the owner of the salon, that lease booth space from the owner; each of the stylist has his or her own client base. The most essential quality that must be present in a successful hairstylist is being trustworthy; this is because clients confide in hairstylists and may tell personal business and that client has to trust the stylist to not tell anyone. In the cosmetology field, no two days are ever the same. Being that there are many different clients and the client that is normally happy go lucky, may be having a bad day and along with being a hairstylist the stylist may have to be a therapist and listen to the client vent. The job of a hairstylist is to make the client feel…show more content…
The annual salary can be higher or lower than this depending on the experience and skill level of the stylist. There are not any benefits in this profession for stylists who own their own salon, but stylists that work in department stores and nursing homes receive health insurance and paid vacations (Barbers and Cosmetologists 81). A factor that can affect how much money a stylist brings in is whether or not the salon is in a rural or urban area. If a stylist works in a salon that is not owned by them will get paid commission. Commission is money paid to an employee based on the completion of a job, usually the selling of a certain amount of services. According to the United States Department of Labor, “Commission can be paid in addition to a salary or instead of a salary.” For new hairstylists, being paid on commission can be difficult since they do not have a large client base; this can be a disadvantage to new hairstylists. Between 2011 and 2022 the job growth for all hairdressers is 13%. Most of the job openings in this field will be from the need of new stylists to replace the one who leave (Bureau Labor of

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