Does Satan Deserve The Destruction Of Macbeth

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Ethereal beings you don’t turn your back on for an instant. Chameleons without a conscience, who could be a thousand different faces to a thousand different people with no one ever knowing the evil that lurks inside, until it’s too late for salvation. Creatures that believe their redemption lies in their accepting their destiny, that they are forever fallen. Two different beings written by two different authors, fifty-six years apart, where the protagonist shares equal traits like ambition, hunger for power, and unfit to rule. But despite the resemblances, the leading characters have elements that distinguish them apart like the origin of a kind-hearted man Shakespeare forms, human characteristics, and being under control by fate William Shakespeare’s…show more content…
Satan, in the same way, finds his obliteration because he defy God but when knowing he is just a tool of God makes readers rethink and reassess Satan role. Even though Macbeth deserves what happened to him, most readers find themselves more kind to understand Macbeth because he is essentially a good-guy-gone-bad, yet his deadly ambition causes readers to feel no sympathy with his doom. In contrast, Satan devises a scheme to destroy men as revenge over God’s wrath but, according to the story, God wanted the Dark Prince to corrupt men. It is said that power corrupts, and the ones that succumb to it are notorious and treacherous individuals with no moral. In both works of art, Macbeth and Satan are driven by lust of power. In similar ways, Macbeth is motivated to be King of Scotland because of the prediction the three weird sisters give him, and Satan when God decreed, a new creature better than angles was going to be created, deepens Satan’s jealousy and determination to overthought God and destroy his creation. God knowing Satan’s true thought confides in The Son Satan will not stop destroying men, who will follow evil…show more content…
Both are tyrants and ultimate fail their kingdom. They were also inwardly tortured at the beginning because they did not want to carry on their destiny, yet they overcome this moral issue and become the monsters that were hidden under their skin. Macbeth and Satan, both, are force to live in exile because of the actions they took; Satan is kicked out of Heaven, and Macbeth is force to live in a kind of exile because he fears someone will see the daemons that hunt his psych; they pretend to be his friends solitary because they fear he will end their lives, Macbeth conscious of this even

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