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The story that I am about to tell you started on Dominican Republic. I met this girl two years ago already , and since that day, we have being friends. She is from Santiago, Dominican Republic. She came in 2007 with her two brothers and nowadays she lives with her father and her brothers. Her life has completely changed since she came here. Life in The Dominican Republic was easier. She told me that her life over there was easier, and so peaceful than here. She was studying only, not working yet and used to eat three times a day with her mom and younger brother. One of the traditions she had , it was to go to church every Sunday and right after that go to visit her grandmother where the whole family used to get together and…show more content…
She showed me some pictures of her traditional foods among them are mofongo ( this is a fried plantain based dish. It is typically made with fried green plantains mashed together in a wooden mortar, with garlic , olive oil , and pork), paella, mangu ( Dominican staple made from boiled, green plantains that are mashed and topped with sauteed red onions),sancocho(a thick soup consisting of meat and root vegetables) , chimichurri( streets burgers that are topped with cabbage and a sweet sauce made with ketchup and mayo), la bandera(( meaning “the flag”) consists of white rice , stewed beans and a meat dish that is usually stewed or roasted), moro de habichuelas( It’s rice cooked with black o red kidney beans),and some special dishes like puerco asado((pork roast) is the dish that symbolizes Christmas, the centerpiece of the Dominican Christmas), pastelon(mashed sweet plantains that are layered with savoury ground beef and topped with melted cheese),and habichuelas con dulce(Sweet bean liquid dessert from the Dominican Republic that is especially popular around the Easter holiday). Even though, she said that the food taste different in here, she can find all the ingredients in any place and cook easily any typical food she…show more content…
The first thing she does is to kiss and hug her mother. Her mother cooks for her the whole time she is in there. She goes to visit every single person that was a part of her life. The whole family get together and eat a big lunch all together. She feels her previous life is back again. No stress , no trouble and the best she said is that everyone is together. She has gone three times since she came here , and every time she feels so happy about it. The first time she went back everything around her feels different, she said. “Every single thing was different because I tried to adapt to this new country and coming back to my roots makes me feel weird ”. “The streets, the smells , the people and even my family was different”. Once she feels stable in her country, she begins to miss the activities and places in here. So she said “ I can see that in both places I am happy because it has a little bit of me but at the same time every country has its own flaws and that is what makes me happy to be in each one of

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