State Anxiety In Sport

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Sports Psychology is a scientific study which focusing on the psychological factors that can contribute to an athletes sports performance and how they can affect both participation and performance. These factors can affect athletes performance both positively and negatively and include anxiety, concentration, motivation, confidence and team cohesion. Anxiety can be defined as an uneasy state that has both mental and physical consequences for example a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease concerning something that has an unforeseen outcome. Anxiety can be split into two main categories, State and Trait anxiety. State anxiety is known as the unpleasant response in the face of threatening situations or dangers. These responses can be both…show more content…
Concentration includes being able to: maintain focus; shut out distractions; select focus; shift focus; and understand the impact of a lack of concentration. The attentional focus theory is part of concentration and is the combination of width (broad v narrow) and direction (internal v external). By combining the two four categories can be identified to suit different situations and sports. These are broad external (aware), broad internal (strategic), narrow external (focused) and narrow internal (systematic). Concentration can be affected by many factors including commitment, enthusiasm, skill set, emotional and physical state, psychological state, and the environment. An example of confidence in performance is when a defender in football is tired and they start to miss tackles leading to giving away free kicks and making errors in passing leading to goals being…show more content…
A team is a group of individuals who work together to achieve an outcome or goal. Team cohesion then is when a group stick together to stay integrated as a team in order to achieve success or satisfaction. Team cohesion has several characteristics, e.g. common goals, group identity, respect, motivation and communication. For example, your team are getting beat in a semi final match 3:1, but the team sticks together to help keep each other focused and motivated by keeping positive. The team then score 2 goals and win the game. This relating to the basic structure of team psychology; Forming, storming, norming and performing. It is all about coming together as a team and giving

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