How Does Gertrude Present Claudius Develop Throughout The Play

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Claudius, uncle of Hamlet and the new king of Denmark is an ambitious Politician. Claudius aims to hide his thoughts and feelings from other characters in the play. For that to occur, Claudius uses a disguise to have things go his way throughout the play. Claudius appears to love his nephew, now his stepson, Hamlet. Claudius says; “We pray you, throw to earch / This unprevailing woe, and think of us / As of a father. For let the world take note, / You are the most immediate to our throne, / And with no less nobility of love / Than that which dearest father bears his son / Do I impart toward you” (1.2.106-112). Claudius says kind-hearted words to Hamlet, making it seem as if he cares for and loves Hamlet. However, throughout the play, Claudius truly shows that his love towards Hamlet is simply an act.…show more content…
Claudius makes it appear as if he loves Hamlet to the world just so he is not looked down upon as a king. In reality, Claudius does not love Hamlet and plans to do awful things to him. Also, Claudius marries his dead brother, King Hamlet’s wife, Gertrude a couple months after his death. Claudius says; “Therefore our sometime sister, now our queen, / Th’ imperial jointress to this warlike state, / Have we – as ‘twere with a defeated joy, / With an auspicious and a dropping eye, / With mirth in funeral and with dirge in marriage, / In equal scale weighing delight and dole – Taken to wife. Now have we herein barred / Your better wisdoms, which have freely gone / With this affair along” (1.2.8-16). Claudius makes it seem as if he marries Gertrude because he is in love with her. However, in reality, Claudius only marries Gertrude for the opportunity of having the crown and throne to himself, making him the king of Denmark. Lastly, ever since Hamlet killed Polonius, Claudius builds hatred towards

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