Stalin In Animal Farm

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World War ll was extremely horrendous because there were so many different governments trying to corrupt and have a dictatorship. In “Animal Farm,” George Orwell wanted to make a parody of the Russian Revolution, which he accomplished by representing them as animals. Mr. Jones is represented as Tsar Nicholas, Napoleon is represented as Stalin, and Snowball is represented as Trotsky. The three decided they wanted to take charge, causing the bickering to form an anarchy. Tsar Nicholas is represented as Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones was the original owner of the farm until he was overthrown by the animals. A way these two are similar is before the revolution happened, Tsar was living as free as he wanted while a lot of unemployed others were fighting\struggled to survive. In the book, the same thing happened. Before Mr. Jones was overthrown by the animals, Mr Jones “does not give milk, does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits” (Orwell 4). While Mr Jones lived the way he wanted, the resources that the animals get was “the bare minimum that would prevent them from starving” (Orwell 4). On the other hand, Animal farm, much like the Russian revolution, was eventually made to their own needs by the pigs, and the farm…show more content…
George Orwell represented Napoleon as Stalin. Napoleon is great as the leader who at first all the animals say "Napoleon is always right" (Orwell 48) but later overcomes by greed and becomes “power-hungry.” Stalin also did the same thing in Russia. George explains “Somehow it seemed as though the farm had grown richer without making the animals themselves any richer, except, of course for the pigs and dogs.” Napoleons true side comes out when he kills so many for planning to go against him. Which is similar because Stalin too was a bad dictator in Russia. Stalin thought many people from his side were to be supporters of Trotsky(Snowball), Stalin killed many as
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