Similarities Between Animal Farm And Russian Revolution

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The “Russian Revolution” and “Animal Farm” are similar by many ways and one of them is that “Animal Farm” is representing an important history event which is the “Russian Revolution”. The Russian revolution is an important event that happened in year 1917 and “Animal Farm's” setting took place in the year 1917. Animal Farm is a story that is representing the Russian Revolution by using characters that represent important people from history and having systems that are similar. An example of how Animal Farm's characters represent important people from the Russian Revolution is Mr. Jones from Animal Farm and Czar Nicholas II because as it states in the website| Mr.Jones was “a irresponsible, sometimes cruel, sometimes kind man”. Mr.Jones was an irresponsible man to his animals because he would let them starve, he was also sometimes a cruel man to his animals because he would beat them. Mr.Jones was sometimes kind because he would mix milk in animal mash. The actions and character of Mr.Jones compare to the actions of Czar Nicholas II because Czar Nicholas was an irresponsible man because according to a website "Czar Nicholas II was a poor leader compared to western kings, he was cruel which meant sometimes brutal with opponents, and sometimes kind because he hired…show more content…
Animal Farm states that “Snowball was a young, a smart, good speaker, that really wants to make life better for all”. Which meant that all that snowball wanted to do was make all animals feel better and make everyone have a better life than they already do. Leon Trotsky wanted to improve life to all people in Russia and was a pure communist. Snowball was like Trotsky because they were both good speaker and wanted the best life they could offer to their
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