Similarities Between Animal Farm And Bolshevik Revolution

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The 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and George Orwell’s Animal Farm can easily be mirrored to each other. Animal Farm tells the story of a revolution much like the Bolshevik Revolution that takes place in a different atmosphere, but nonetheless parallels the Bolshevik Revolution remarkably. Animal Farm can easily be related back to the Bolshevik Revolution because the events that took place in both of these contexts are very similar from beginning to end, with the main difference being that Animal Farm is told in perspective of animals on a farm, rather than people. Many characters in Animal Farm mirror the dominant figures during the Bolshevik Revolution, because it puts Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin in the form of animals. Snowball represents Leon Trotsky, the founder and first leader of the Red Army, and Napoleon represents Joseph Stalin, dictator of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the Soviet Union following the Revolution. Old Major also represents Karl Marx, who formed communism, however, died before the…show more content…
The higher-class people treated the lower class almost like they would animals, and they were given very few rights under the law, which sparked the Revolution. Comparable to Animal Farm, where the animals underwent a similar lifestyle before the revolution as well as the people in the Bolshevik Party, because they were born into the world as slaves, worked incessantly from the time they could walk, to be fed only enough to keep breath in their bodies, and then they were to be slaughtered mercilessly once they were too old to work. Mr. Jones had been exploiting animals and taking all of the products of their labour for himself and offered nothing of value to offer the animals in return, which caused the Revolution in the story to take

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