Similarities Between Animal Farm And Joseph Stalin

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The book Animal Farm, by George Orwell was a fable/allegory about the Russian Revolution. Where the author used different animals to symbolize different members of the Russian Revolution, but in this research paper I will point to the doings of Joseph Stalin and what character represented him in the book. The character that represented Joseph Stalin was Napoleon from animal farm. I will compare the two by first telling how they gained power, how they changed their "countries" everyday life, also how they abused their power. When comparing the two I will also say whether or not it was represented accurately in the book. When Old Major died during the book; this mocked the death of Vladimir Lenin, this sparked a fight for one animal to gain power over Animal Farm. Snowball and Napoleon both wanted to be in control. During the Russian revolution Stalin and Trotsky were battling for power but they both had a different vision for Russia. Stalin's vision being just to have Russia to be success full as did Napoleon wanting wellness for the farm. Trotsky…show more content…
Stalin changed the everyday life of his citizens significantly, as did Napoleon. When Stalin gained power he made farming a main duty for citizens to do and to work to accomplish in the farming industry, and any in denial were executed. Napoleon as well made farming a must or else you were killed by his dogs. Another example of how Stalin was represented by Napoleon is when the windmill is named after him, because Stalin had a city named after him because of the battle that was won there. One more reason how Stalin was represented was when Napoleon murdered 4 pigs because of their "actions with Snowball". Stalin during the revolution killed some of his closest members because of his anxiety. Something that Stalin said that reminded me of what Napoleon said is," Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in the hands and at whom it is

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