Who Is Joseph Stalin An Allegory In Animal Farm

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The novel animal is a perfect example of an allegory. An allegory is stories were things can happen about one story but is actually talking about a whole different story. Animal Farm is an example of an allegory because the most of the events in Animal Farm are just like what happen in the Russian Revulsion. Also in Animal Farm the wind mill was the most important thing not harvesting the crops, in the Russian purge they built building and did not feed the people that where agents him. The character Napoleon from Animal Farm symbolizes Joseph Stalin in history. This paragraph I am going to be talking about what Joseph Stalin did to gain his power. First, Joseph Stalin joined up with the Bolshevik revolutionaries. When he was with the Bolsheviks…show more content…
First Napoleon and the animals chased Mr. Jones and his family off the farm and then came the leader under snowball. Next Napoleon ran snowball off the farm because snowball and Napoleon did not agree on anything and then became the head leader of Animal Farm. Then Napoleon said to the animals that they where going to build a wind mill and that did not go that well because they were not doing any farming for food so animals where dying. There several animals that died in the book the big one was when Boxer had been taken away and killed. Finally Napoleon get to the point of power where animals start to leave the farm because they did not want to be bossed around and they did not know who was who. The character Napoleon in the book is similar to Joseph Stalin in many ways. Both Napoleon and Stalin took charge when their leaders died and they wanted to get power. Also Napoleon and Stalin stopped the production of food to build buildings for industries. Both leaders did about the same thing because they bout killed there people for a reason. Yet another way Napoleon and Stalin were alike was that they did a lot of things alike because they both killed and starved there
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