The Importance Of Fantasy

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Fantasy fiction also has the freedom to travel from one place to another, from one world to another in fraction of time. The mind and imaginations are pushed in such a direction to come up with one connecting thread to another. It is possible for the protagonists to change forms and find new way of fighting and taking revenge. Ged for example, from Ursila Le.Guin's A Wizard of Earthsea, takes the form of dragon to fight the dragon at Pendor island. He used the spell of change to change himself into dragon. Such a thing can only be possible in fantasies. Fantasy gives us a path to make the impossible possible with the help of imaginations. The history or the past is a crucial element to understand this new creation(fantasy) or work of art. Every…show more content…
With entrance of Tolkien and his trilogy Lord of the Rings, a work of a genius has left many critics wondering. Also Le Guin's Wizard of the Oz reached out audience beyond children, adults began to read and found it to be fascinating. Again quoting Le Guin "Successful fantasy narrative is notable for its strong inner coherence; its rules are not those of the ordinary world, but it never breaks them" (Le Guin, 85). She repeatedly emphasizes on giving credit to fantasy fiction, a critical and solid appreciation by academics and recognition that every other famous literature book receives and becomes part of the academic teaching and learning. She also depicts the need to break away from "mainstream" of realism. Instead of looking at fantasy novels as children's book, it must be viewed as a work of literature that is when we really learn to appreciate the manner in which it is written also how and why it stands out. One should also not try to rationalize each and every sentence that comes out of these fantasy novels, this is the very act of an untrained brain. Even due to its irrational nature, it does not mean it's not moral or not relevant in any social context. We have been trained to find the "moral of the story" in the novels or books we read. Also a poet's message is always expected after reading or…show more content…
For example when Jasper is challenged by Ged all of a sudden in most unusual way and in most strange turn of events and he moves straight with long strides and firmness none displayed earlier for the knoll with everyone stunned. We know that something big is going to happen, something terrible is going to happen, since on two such occasions we had sen presence of Shadow – onece while he was with Ogion and read the book by stealth and another while studying at school of Roke itself. What followed at the knoll of Roke was indeed (the Shadow) that churned the situation at school as never

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