Lion's Common World Analysis

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ORDINARY WORLD: In Simba’s common world, he lives in a beautiful terrain, with hundreds of animals, including his father Mufasa. Simba has a good friend named Nala and is destined to marry her. He is supposed to lead in his father's footprints who was the king of the animal world. CALL TO ADVENTURE: Simba’s called to adventure was when Scar tells Simba about the “Elephants Grave.” Scar told Simba that it would be their little secret, and he would never go there because he didn’t want his “favorite” nephew to die. Furthermore, he refused to be king after he “killed” his father. Additionally, later in the movie, his call to adventure was when Rafiki showed him his dad and Mufasa started talking to Simba. REFUSAL: Many animals in this movie refused to let Simba go on his adventure. For example, the lion…show more content…
Nala mumbles some about Mufasa and Scar scratches her. She gets knocked out for a while. Simba runs up to Nala to see if she’s alright, Scar is surprised and Nala wakes up and so is everyone thought that Simba was Mufasa. Simba whispers “ It’s ok I’m Simba,” Scar says, “Hello Simba.” Scar than is shocked and realizes that Simba shouldn’t be here, and the hyenas were supposed to eat him. The hyenas slowly backed out and looked at one another. ORDEAL: In the 2nd to the last scene, Scar makes Simba admit he killed Mufasa. When Scar was about to kill Simba from a cliff Simba jumps back up when he hears Scar say,"Hmm this looks familiar because I killed Mufasa!” Than Simba made Scar admit that he killed Mufasa. Simba sees Scar running away and caught him in his act of leaving. Scar told Simba “ It was the hyena's fault, they’re the enemy!” However, Simba doesn’t believe him because Scar lied to him his entire life. Scar falls off pride rock and sees the hyenas staring at him, and he says, “ Ah, my
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