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Situation Analysis: The article describes a situation where XYZ Retailer has just hired a Human Resource Manager for its newly established HR department, i.e., before this no HR activities have taken place whatsoever. The President of the company wants to associate HR department with professionals. In the given scenario, the HR of the company needs to improve the work environment and ensure quality in the delivery of services. He needs to deal with the tardiness, unprofessional behavior and poor performance. The HR has realized that the problem stated above can be resolved by having a proper appraisal system in place. Moreover, he also realized that several roles have no defined set of duties. For this he needs to provide the Store Manager,…show more content…
Assistant Manager: The assistant manager is responsible for the store in the absence of the manger. Their objectives include sales maximization, improvement in the services offered and employee organization.  Job responsibilities: procuring and purchasing of merchandise and training staff in order to improve services offered and also keep a keen on the quality management  Job Duties: o Purchasing merchandize and supply chain management o Market analysis and competitive benchmarking for making suitable strategy o Focus on consumer insights in order to create the right product profile for the store o Improvisation of services in order to create a better customer experience o Map out the competencies required for the store level jobs and hence create an orientation program for them and also a training regime for the…show more content…
Associate: The main objective of a sales associate is to sell the products and achieve sales target and hence help in the business development of the Retail chain. They are expected to be customer centric and have convincing skills  Job responsibilities: cater customer by informing them about various products, achieve sales target for responsible division/product  Job Duties: o Welcomes the customer and offer them help o Resolves customer queries and helps them make informed decisions before purchasing a product o Created customer profiles for future contact o Documents sales and maintain other related records o Keeps the clients informed about the products they may wish to buy o Keeps a record of the inventory o Complete the monetary transactions after sale o Helps customers with the location of the

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