Unplanned Downtime Procedures

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RADIOLOGY DOWNTIME Procedures for Planned and Unplanned Downtime Planned Downtime There will be times when Cerner or Synapse will have a planned downtime. In the event any of these systems are going to be down and your staff has advanced notice, there are several steps that can be observed before the system goes down and again once the system becomes available for use. Notification of scheduled downtimes will be communicated from the IT department via e-mail or direct phone calls or County network blast. If for some reason there wasn’t a Network Blast please pay attention to your email inbox Scheduling Staff: Please schedule staff as needed to address any known downtime Unplanned Downtime Notification will be provided upon the first…show more content…
Orchid & Synapse Ordering: 1. Radiology orders placed during the Orchid downtime will be on paper orders requested on form HH546 (Radiology Consultation Request Downtime) form. The form is located on the intranet under Clinical Forms - Radiology Downtime Form 1. Any orchid information can be viewed on the 724 Orchid Downtime view only workstations. 2. Manually type in patient demographics in modality. You will obtain the MRN, order information and patient information from the paper order. 3. Keep track of all patient studies performed on the downtime log (Create a Log if you font have one) and attach all paper order forms to the downtime log. 4. Start and Complete all studies performed after Orchid comes back up. Modality: 1. Studies ordered before the downtime will be on your modality work list. Paper orders will be manually entered on the modality by the technologist. Please make every effort to enter the patient information correctly. 2. Send all studies to PACS under patient MRN. Radiologist: (If Synapse is not down-only…show more content…
Fluency will be up during the down time. Dictations can be performed on studies ordered and completed before the Orchid downtime. DO NOT dictate studies in Sent status. No study dictated while Cerner is down will be received by the interface engine 3. A Copy of any dictations can be placed in the notes section of Synapse for the providers to see. None of your dictations will upload to Orchid and PACS until Orchid comes back up. 4. Dictations done on studies without orders can be saved in Fluency. Please indicate the patient information on the dictation to know what order to assign to the dictation once Orchid comes back up. Technologist (Synapse Down): 1. There will not be any orders seen on your modality work list for any order that was created after Synapse has gone down. Please manually enter the patient information the same way as above paying close attention to the information provided by the Cerner-Orchid ONLINE work list, or on the written Rad Downtime Request Form (HH546). If the online work list in Cerner has the accession numbers please use it. Radiologist (Synapse Down): 1. No images created will be seen in Synapse until the system returns. 2. In an emergency situation all images can be view from the

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