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Discover the Causes of Dandruff and Professional Solutions to Get Rid of Them Once and for All Dandruff is a very common condition found on the scalp in which small pieces of dead skin appear as white flakes on the scalp. While dermatologists suggest that dandruff is harmless, it may be embarrassing to have white flakes on your shoulders at all times. In some cases, hair loss due to dandruff may occur. Have you been bothered by this scalp issue for some time, and of all the treatment you’ve tried, nothing seems to work? Well, perhaps your dandruff treatments have not been tackling this issue from the grassroots. So, here are some common dandruff causes and how we at Jonsson Protein can help you resolve these problems effectively. What causes dandruff? 1. Overgrowth of Yeast Yeast overgrowth can also be a dandruff cause. Sensitivity to yeast increases the chance of one to have dandruff. In…show more content…
Although dandruff is not the direct cause of hair loss, these two issues share some common triggers that lead to unhealthy scalps, such as the lack of protein and scalp irritation. Moreover, hair growing from dandruff-irritated scalp has a weaker protein structure, causing it to be more susceptible to damage, breakage and hair fall. Dandruff may also clog your hair follicles, which leads to weaker hair roots. Without a stable and firm grip, your hair falls off easily, especially when there is friction or external pressure on your hair. Besides that, when people have dandruff, the scalp is irritated and may itch a lot. As a result of the intense itching, dandruff sufferers tend to scratch their scalp vigorously to relieve the itch. However, you might not be aware that while scratching, you are scraping, pulling and breaking your hair, which intensifies the hair loss condition. How to Remove Dandruff? Some common suggestions to remove dandruff include • Regularly washing your hair • Using anti-dandruff

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