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To generate a curricular vision for a school: The vision represents the future that you wish to create. When your aspirations are set out clearly and with confidence, they become a powerful vehicle for communicating what you want to achieve to the wider community. Your vision also underpins your strategy. Your strategy details the areas and issues that you need to address in order to fulfil your vision for the school, and gives all involved a clear understanding of what education will start. A vision (also known as a vision statement) is a clearly articulated statement that describes the future goal(s) of an organization. A vision statement is often coupled with a mission statement, which describes the nature…show more content…
Why? o How have others approached establishing a new vision for the future of their schools? The schools that achieve this most successfully are rigorous in examining where they are now, where they want to be, and what they need to do in order to get there. They will have: started thinking through the implications of the vision in practice, a clear sense of how learning will be different, and what it will mean for all those involved. It explored a range of issues, including the curriculum, leadership, inclusion and special educational needs. When developing a vision, remember that less can be more, keep it short, and your staff will remember it longer. Example of a vision statement: South Farnham School represents its vision statement as: Our vision for South Farnham School is one where the pursuit of excellence guides all aspects of school life. We want to develop the skills and aspirations of all members of the school community – pupils and adults so that by working and playing together everyone can develop their true potential through exploring their skills and talents. We want the children to understand that learning is a lifelong activity that will allow them to live their dreams. Complementary to the vision of individuals we are mindful of our place and role in society and aim to reflect the hopes and aspirations of our nation through our involvement in and contribution…show more content…
Emerging issues affecting education: Since a vision statement looks into the future, the school will need to anticipate what may happen in the future of education based on currently unfolding trends. For example, we know that technology will continue to influence educational processes, and we also know that student populations will likely become even more diverse. The overarching function of the vision statement is to address the question: What do we want our school to be in the future? “Without a vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs) The vision for a school must focus on a global society in which information resources are created, protected, managed, and used for the good of society, including addressing challenges and opportunities in the service of equity and productivity for individuals and communities. We strive to achieve our vision through:  High expectations  Effective teaching and learning  Respectful service  Shared Responsibility  Caring

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