Spot On Advertising Case Study

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For the starter, Spot On Advertising will be targeting SMEs. The common thing these companies have is that these oil companies started their operations as a small company with a unique idea and have been able to make up to this large, more profitable company and are now interested in sustaining its business strategy or engineering the company, inducting professionals to take the company to the next level. Spot On Advertising has two prominent groups of customers, which focuses on:  Small size companies of 5 – 15 employees  Medium size companies of 15 – 40 employees These companies initiated with a unique concept and have maintained its basic roots of attributes related to visual communication. They have now grown to bigger companies and…show more content…
Spot On Advertising will attain this level of positioning by using their competitive advantages.  The competitive edge of Spot On Advertising is based on the Kashif Saghir Awan’s extensive background and innovation. Generally, several creative agencies hire suitable people to do creative jobs. These people are significantly visually oriented. It is mainly an asset in the graphic design field; it can be restricted as the prime source of their work is not the suitable people. It may not be the right people with non – creative types which derive the major portion in business.  Kashif Saghir Awan is experienced in practical and aesthetic business. He has always been a creative person; however, he had education with business Specialty. This turned out to be an advantage for him as it offered him a unique way to look into the business, metrics of marketing and significance of return on investment related to marketing. This competitive advantage permits the agency to provide the same level of creative services other companies can provide, however, also offer a unique way of looking in business perspective which is needed by all the innovative companies as it add truthful value in…show more content…
The marketing strategy will be adopted to establish awareness for targeted customers firstly related to the services provided by Spot On Advertising and then establishing a strong base of customers and on the last working towards establishing loyalty in customers and referrals. Positioning will be achieved by below strategies 1.3 MARKETING MIX STRATEGIES Marketing mix of Spot On Advertising is mainly consists of pricing, promotion, distribution, customer services and advertising. 1.3.1 Product Following are our major project/service those will offer to your customers. • Digital Printing • Free and unique Design Conceptualization and Implementation • Liaison with Event Organizers • Retail is branding • Event branding • Interior Corporate branding • Floor graphics • Fleet is marking • Screen printing • Inkjet printing and dye sublimation for flags • Workshop & Printing Solutions • Marketing material include o Flyers & Leaflets o Postcards o Folded Leaflets o Rack Cards o Presentation Folders o Menus o Magnets o Loyalty Cards o Gift

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