Persuasive Essay On Homemade Food

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John has a book long list of allergies. Juan comes home from work late everyday. Martha does not know how to cook. Melinda is too lazy to cook. Martha and Melinda have gone out to eat almost everyday and are eating unhealthy low quality food. John does not get to eat everything he wants since he has restriction and does not know many recipes. Juan has eaten fast food almost everyday for dinner and is malnutritioned. In my community I have seen many people struggle to eat healthy, something our nation has been striving to achieve. Many people have allergies, come home late everyday, are too lazy lazy to cook, or do not know how to cook. These people are forced to eat out almost everyday and tend to eat unhealthy foods which can lead to several long-term health problems such as obesity and diabetes. Foober is an app that users can use to order healthy, homemade food that delivers at the doorstep. Foober is an app that lets consumers interact with the foobers. The foobers are people who are willing to make homemade food for people. This app would target a large portion of towns and neighboring towns such as West Windsor, Princeton,…show more content…
Consumers put in a request of whatever food they want and the serving size. Foobers in the area are notified and can choose to accept the request and give a reasonable price for making the food. The consumer can then evaluate each foober and choose which foober they want. Similar to the Uber system, each foober is rated on a five star scale. Canceling orders drops their rating while ratings provided by the consumers determine their overall rating.Customers can also choose to have it delivered at home, which would be slightly more expensive or pick up the food. A 20 percent royalty would be charged on each order and and tenure foobers would have lower royalties as they continue to stick with the

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