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The topic of sport playing a role in nation building has been debated around the world for years. The Oxford English Dictionary (Oxford University, 2015) defines Nation Building as the rebirth of a nation and the reinforcement of cultural and social cohesion within a nation. This Literary review will discuss if sports play a role in nation building within South Africa, and it will look at it from the point of view of sport as a whole in reference to the 2010 Fifa world cup. According to (Elirea Bornman, 2005) South Africa is not the only country embarking on the journey for unity and nation-building. She says that many countries including South Africa are using nation-building to avoid the problems that come with a heterogenic society and…show more content…
After we won the bid to host the 2010 world cup the entire country was united in their pride. The world cup brought about numerous opportunities for South Africa such as job creation due to the stadiums that had to be built, the people that needed transport to the events, and the overall running of all the matches. According to (Sandra Olivier, 2011) more than 400 000 jobs were created due the world cup; this contributes a lot to nation building by improving the economy which in turn brings the nation together. One of the negative aspects of the 2010 Fifa world cup was that one year later all the jobs that had been created, such as transport, construction and management, had been lost because there was no longer a sustainable demand for them. (Sandra Olivier, 2011) states that the unemployment figure increased from 24% to 25% after the world cup, which shows that it did in fact play a role in the increase of…show more content…
The first point is the idea of sportsmanship, in creating a sense of community through sport people from all walks of life are brought together. The second point is that sports events such as the 2010 Fifa world cup provide opportunities for developing the infrastructure and with it, the economy. The third point is that sports event itself brings people together and unites them under a common goal. Finally the sport events encourage people from all over the world to interact with one another, an aspect that is extremely relevant given South Africa’s xenophobic

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