Importance Of Occupational Safety Health And Environment

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The formulation of policy, priorities and strategies in occupational safety, health and environment at work places, is undertaken by national authorities in consultation with social partners for fulfilling such objectives. A critical role is played by the Government and the social partners, professional safety and health organizations in ensuring prevention and in also providing treatment, support and rehabilitation services. 1.1 The changing job patterns and working relationships, the rise in self employment, greater sub-contracting, outsourcing of work, homework and the increasing number of employees working away from their establishment, pose problems to management of occupational safety and health risks at workplaces. New safety hazards…show more content…
1.3 The increasing use of chemicals, exposure to physical, chemical and biological agents with hazard potential unknown to people; the indiscriminate use of agro-chemicals including pesticides, agricultural machineries and equipment; industries with major accident risks; effects of computer controlled technologies and alarming influence of stress at work in many modern jobs pose serious safety, health and environmental risks. 1.4 The fundamental purpose of this National Policy on Safety, Health and Environment at workplace, is not only to eliminate the incidence of work related injuries, diseases, fatalities, disaster and loss of national assets and ensuring achievement of a high level of occupational safety, health and environment performance through proactive approaches but also to enhance the well-being of the employee and society, at large. The necessary changes in this area will be based on a co-ordinated national effort focused on clear national goals and…show more content…
2.2 providing administrative and technical support services. 2.3. providing a system of incentives to employers and employees to achieve higher health and safety standards . 2.4 providing for a system of non-financial incentives for improvement in safety and health. 2.5. establishing and developing the research and development capability in emerging areas of risk and providing for effective control measures. 2.6. Focusing on prevention strategies and monitoring performance through improved data collection system on work related injuries and diseases. 2.7 Developing and providing required technical manpower and knowledge in the areas of safety, health and environment at workplaces in different sectors. 2.8 Promoting inclusion of safety, health and environment, improvement at workplaces as an important component in other relevant national policy documents. 2.9 Including safety and occupational health as an integral part of every

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