Personal Statement: My Interest In Sports Management

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Personal Statement My interest in Sport Management came at a very critical point in my undergraduate collegiate career. During my freshman year, I was at that time an Athletic Training major that was not sure if I wanted to actually become an athletic trainer and deal with all the components that came with it. I always knew that I wanted to be around sports when I graduated and I figured that athletic training would allow me to be close with multiple sports while doing something I loved, helping and assisting people. The reason that I actually wanted to become an athletic trainer was because of my high school trainer Sean Hutchinson, he was very convincing and influential in my life when I became injured and had to have surgery. He would teach…show more content…
My interest in the profession peaked after learning of the schools undergraduate program that many people I knew seemed to enjoy and appreciate. After doing some research I realized that Sports Management was something that was perfect for me because it can be as broad as leading to a job in ticket sales to even being on the sport facility and event management team. My uncertainty in not knowing what kind of job specifically I want after college led me to the graduate program to allow me another chance to learn even more information and be able to realize what I would like to be working on for the next thirty plus years. After researching the career and gaining knowledge and some experience in several settings, I realized how essential this profession is to individuals like myself and also to individuals who own and manage professional teams and organizations, without people involved in this career field many teams and organizations would not be able to run as smoothly as they do now. Through my experience as a coach, I have witnessed promotion, sales and event management being done by multiple parents and even other coaches. My experience as a coach is very minimal but I have learned a lot about the coaching profession, as well as the behind the scenes things that have to take place for athletes and…show more content…
I have this goal of beginning and finishing my master’s degree in Sports management. Then I would like to obtain a job in the Sport Management field, specifically around the Georgia, Florida, or Carolina areas at either a collegiate or professional level. After working for a few years in the field, If I am not in one of my dream locations I would like to work towards being at one of those locations and staying as long as possible. My ultimate career goal is to secure a job at either a major college or university or for a professional football, basketball, or baseball organization. In order to pursue my career goals, I would absolutely need the Georgia Southern Waters College of Health Professions to help me reach those goals. My drive to better myself is outstanding, and I would be honored if the Waters College of Health professions accepted me as a candidate to pursue a Master’s Degree in Sport

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