Body Shredding Research Paper

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Transforming yourself from a fat or skinny person is definitely a lifelong change in lifestyle and it's a highly difficult task or endeavor in the first few months, or years. This is until you figure out what works for you. Before getting to a point where one is satisfied with his or her physique, People usually ask themselves whether it's worth changing their lifestyle upside down to get shredded. Well, it's always assumed that the utility of fitness is marginally diminishing if you have a decent diet in order to have a good athletic physique. So how does one get a shredded body? Many people have tried different diets and training routines that don't work for them. Despite all these, they keep pushing and the next best thing is using body shredding…show more content…
Even long hikes with family and friends becomes enjoyable and fun. -Disease Prevention Body shredding helps to lower the risk of heart disease, Sleep Apnea, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Arthritis and other degenerative conditions. There is a spectrum of body physique types that can be categorized as shredded or ripped. Depending on your mental model of what being shredded means, the desired physique that is satisfactory varies from one person to another. Let us define the spectrum of shredded on a scale of David Beckham to Lou Ferrigno Lou Ferrigno - On the far end of the shredded spectrum, you have professional body builders such as Lou who is considered by many as the Incredible Hulk. He is very muscular and has an incredible 2% body fat range. We have to note that the body and the built isn't ideal for any athletic performance. David Beckham - The David Beckham built is far less muscular. It's somewhat slim yet built for athletic performance that requires endurance, speed and skills. This physique is desired by many and looks healthy too. Why? The look is not intimidating, not at all. Parting

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