Boca Junior Case Study

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1.2 Vision and Mission According to the Boca Junior’s offical website, Boca Junior’s vision is to offer players an unrivaled exposure to the professional game, it is a competitive environment which allows players to prosper. By pursuing excellence at all times both on and off the field we aim to guide players to realize their full potential. Through the highest possible standard of coaching we will foster a life long love and respect for the game. Boca Juniors will create a soccer culture which produces only the highest quality of individuals and teams. Our mission of this Asia tour is to spread the development of soccer across the region especially to those developing countries like China, Hong Kong, Japan for etc. We are going…show more content…
Therefore, they had a huge trophy asset in order to attract local supporters and youth academcy. 2.3 Economic factors Argentina is benefiting from rich natural resources, a highly literate population, a diversified industrial base, and an export-oriented agricultural sector, the economy of Argentina is South America's second-largest. Base on a stable social economic factors, they can build up their revenue without any concerns in the economic enviornment. Boca Junior as mentions, they had a huge trophy asset which will bring tournament money award. Also, sponsership is one of their clubs income because of their well performance in Argentine Primera División. Nike, LG ( mobile company ) and BBVA ( international Bank ) are some walking examples which will financially support Boca Junior. Moreover, as they have a well-establish academcy system. They can sell the players with high price such as Fernando Gago, Carlos Tevez and Rodrigo Palacio. 2.4 Technological factors Due to the sufficient funds of Boca Junior, there are further improvements planned for the stadium, including measures to ease crowd congestion, use of new technology, improved corporate facilities and medical…show more content…
Flow of Asia Tour 10. Conclusion After using different business aspect to analyze the impact of Asia Tour, we agree with the organisation of Boca Juniors’s Asia Tour. We believe the benefits in not only in short run, but also bring sustainable advantage in the long run and gain a competitive advantage. Besides, Asia tour give the opportunities to have more income and new fan base. Asia is a development zone for Boca Junior to exploit the new bunsiness opportunities and sponsors so Asia Tour is really a excellent way to achieve the

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