Apple Economic Factor Analysis

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Economic factors are described above in the table and from those examples I would pick two factors and describe them and link it to my business which is Apple. I would illustrate how the selected economic factors are influencing on Apple UK branch and Apple China branch. I would be looking at economic factors such as interest rates and exchange rates. Interest rate is a percentage of money which is charged on borrowed money such as loans. Interest rate is charged to every business or individual depending on how much money they have borrowed from Banks or investors. It can be charged in different ways and the aim of this is to earn extra money from lending to businesses and depends on how long they take to pay. This can influence on Apple in…show more content…
For example, in UK the exchange rate to China is £1 - ¥8.85. This shows that UK can buy or export/import their goods to or from China at the price of ¥8.85 as the £1 is worth ¥8.85 in China. This shows that £ value is strong as £1 can buy ¥8.85 which shows it has gone up in value. In contrast, if you value ¥1 to the value of £ then it is less as the exchange rate is at £0.11 which is low. This is because in China their exchange rate has fallen which insinuates that ¥1 can only buy £0.11 and this means Chinese Yuan has depreciated and become…show more content…
For example, the latest recession in different countries or in the world was 2009 – 2010. This was the latest recession where the world economy was in declining and was in the process of recovery. Recession is crucial because it influences on businesses negatively by losing sales because recession creates high level of unemployment rates as the highest rate of unemployment in 2010 was 8% of the world population because of recession. This was destructive as it had affected many people because the rate of unemployment was 8% where the consumers purchases declined even more when unemployment rate rises. During this environment many businesses lose their business or customers losing their homes as they cannot afford to pay the mortgage or other payments and young people or even adults lose or cannot get a job which ruins their life and throws off their entire career. Recession usually lasts from 6 to 18 months which is a long-lasting

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