Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Essay

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In today’s world women are progressively participating in the area of work force, yet they are going through many problems in their way. One of the main problem is Sexual harassment. Sexual harassment at work place is common in every society now days. This could happen to anyone out there but women are the targeted victims. Sexual harassment is measured as a distressing event and the victim may end up in having mental and physical sufferings that hold back a person to work efficiently. At a managerial level this may result in decreased work productivity, high turnover, high absenteeism, decrease work effectiveness etc. Sexual Harassment is a kind of topic which is considered an ongoing act. You never know but still somewhere around you a person is going through this. People think no one can end this because we live in a society where this thing is becoming a trend but it’s our responsibility to eradicate it. Its not something to be proud of it’s a shameful act we consider our society to be illiterate but what about places where people are literate in a working environment and still this act is taking place. 2. Significance Harassment in working environment is a social disgrace which promotes damaging environment. As much as…show more content…
The reason of focusing on sexual harassment in working environment is that now a days women’s are getting into the fields and working with men side by side no matter what the job is they are there this is giving rise to a problem named as sexual harassment there are still some men alive out there who cant respect women no matter what. When people talk about this to topic very first thing which clicks or mind is Rape case or just physical touch which men do while being on road. But most of people forget that sexual harassment is not just confined to it there’s a lot more which is included to it for

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