Spongebob Essay

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Four Ps can be defined as the categories that can change environment organization in the marketing of a good in product, price, place and promotion. The four Ps also called as marketing mix which mean forced by internal and external factors in the overall environment. 4 Ps also using on the marketing strategy. This is because nowadays in marketing have many competitor and customer have different taster with another customer. Product is an important component in business. If don’t have product, company will not gain profit and like SpongeBob company and it’s also have a name to introduce its product. In "Price" involves the cost of the good and if volume discounts will be offered. In "Place" decisions outline where the product will be sold and how it will be delivered to the market. Promotion involves public relations and promotional strategy. The SpongeBob’s company also uses the strategy to introduce his production in world. This is because the company SpongeBob is a animation series in…show more content…
The product should consider quality, design, feature, packaging, customer service and any further after sale services. For example the SpongeBob company built animation series SpongeBob more interesting and everyone enjoy the animation especially to the child. Price Second, price is the amount of money that customer willing to purchase in your product. There are a number of considerations in relation to price including list price, discounting, credit term, allowance and payment period. In the best of world, product expand to other country in the world, labor intensive risk taking effort with marketing strategy in place. Before investing in a new market, this five key marketing factors are carefully defined. The company SpongeBob use this way to put price in his product, this because if we not follow the rules more lost money and not have incomae.
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