The Color Red In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

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The color red is present every day in our lives and very often it is seen as the color of an object. The color red is on many different things; such as the autumn leaves or the color of a rose. The color of these objects may just be red, but to different people they have different meanings. The autumn leaves to some people mean home or family. These meanings are due to the things that happen when the leaves are on the ground. In The Scarlet Letter the color red is perceived to be symbolizing sin and disapproval, but the color red could be seen as representing love or the peace that family brings. The red color of the scarlet letter means love instead of sin. From the time kids are young they learn to associate the color red, and shades of it, with Valentine ’s Day. On Valentine’s Day some people are reminded of love and others celebrate it. All people do different activities on this day, children make red hearts and pass out cards to classmates and adults watch movies and buy flowers. Even when one thinks of a real beating heart, two things come to mind how a heart gives life and how it is the color red. Again, the color red gives the impression of love. Also, when thinking of the heart giving life only thoughts of love and happiness come to mind.…show more content…
In Indian weddings the color red shows up frequently. The bride dresses in a sari that is traditionally red. This red color symbolizes prosperity, fertility and a happy marriage. In their language marital bliss is saubhagya. The bride’s hands and feet are also covered in temporary, red henna or mehendi tattoos. These temporary tattoos stay on for about a week and once they fade the newly wedded couple are fully acquainted. In addition, after the mehendi has worn off the women starts work in her new home. All these features of Indian weddings show and associate the color red with not only positive feelings but also associate with

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